Responses to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruling on Temporary Protected Status

“The decision to eliminate the TPS program is ill conceived and immoral. We must remember that this impacts people who have been in this country 20 years or more, who have raised American children, bought homes, built businesses, and lead our churches. Many of them are our essential heroes who go out every day to work and keep the Commonwealth’s economy going despite this pandemic. We will not stay silent. We will continue to fight and defend their dignity. We will make sure our voices are heard especially on election night.” – Patricia Sobalvarro, Executive Director, Agencia ALPHA and Steering Committee Member of the Massachusetts Immigrant Collaborative

“Here in Massachusetts, most established community members are longtime TPS Holders who are contributing positively to the social and economic fabric of our commonwealth. It is unthinkable to think that Haiti – already struggling terribly on all fronts – could safely repatriate more than 50,000 TPS recipients in the midst of a pandemic. ” – Dr. Geralde V. Gabeau, MPH, Executive Director, Immigrant Family Services Institute (IFSI-USA) and Member of the Massachusetts Immigrant Collaborative